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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Botanical Folk Club came about as a remedy to our love of nature and our increasing lack of access to the outdoors.. Even a simple backyard is often out of reach.

We've succeeded in greening outing

I was fortunate to have grown up with a backyard, running around barefoot making magic potions in the dirt, and it shows.

We've succeeded in greening our indoor environments

Botanical folk club is about creating something that helps us feel connected to the landscapes we grew up in.

Because for many of us, backyards are becoming a distant memory. More and more of us live in apartments and we have to travel further to find a tree or grass underfoot.

We didn’t want to make perfume from far away exotic ingredients when there is something far more precious right under our noses. Botanical Folk Club is pioneering a new type of perfumery. Local perfume, made from the trees, shrubs, plants and flowers that grow on the land we call home.

Botanical Folk Club is perfume for the people, sharing the story of

I grew up in New Zealand in the 80s, in a pretty typical suburban home. Days were mostly spent in the backyard, barefoot on the grass, picking fruit and flowers from the garden, heaven! Backyards are a bit harder to come by these days. But we needn’t through out the dream enitirely.

More than anything, it is these smells that are woven into the fabric of our memories.

much like folk music, these are the scents for the people, of the land surrounding them.

. The smell of a lemon detaching from the stalk, backyard bonfires and their sticky smoke, the lavender squashed in my tiny hands. Smells are woven into the fabric of our memories.

While my parents dosed themselves in patchouli and other exotic scents, I am drawn to the nostalgia of much simpler scents.

A scentorial shift from the exotic to the local

‘Put them in water or take them outside’


because it connects with the limbic system







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